Baek Ah Yeon may have sky-rocketed to the top of the charts recently with her hit comeback song “Shouldn’t Have…” but she’s admitted that she used to wonder if she’d ever have the chance to stage a comeback at all.

On June 25’s episode of Girls’ Generation‘s Sunny‘s radio show “Sunny’s FM Date,” she talks about how she felt as an artist waiting for her comeback. “I had a really difficult time during my two-year hiatus before I staged my comeback,” she says. “I went through a slump.”

“I used to worry a lot then and ask myself, ‘Why isn’t my album coming out?’ or ‘Is there something that I’m lacking?’” she adds.

“I recorded a lot of songs within the company, but it was always said that the song didn’t seem to fit me, so I used to wonder a lot if I’d ever be able to stage a comeback,” she admits.

Thankfully everything turned out okay in the end, as her song “Shouldn’t Have…” is currently in the number one spot on several music charts!

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