SBS K-Pop Star contestant now rookie singer Baek Ah Yeon‘s changed appearance after having her teeth laminated has become a hot topic.

Netizens shared photos of Baek Ah Yeon before and after the lamination, which startled many with her lovely transformation. 

Baek Ah Yeon now displays straight pearly teeth that render her almost unrecognizable to those who had followed her since her pre-debut days back in K-Pop Star. She is currently involved with promotional activities for “Sad Song” after choosing to debut with JYP Entertainment

Back when Baek Ah Yeon had been a participant of K-Pop star, judge Yang Hyun Suk had mentioned before that they would strongly recommend having her teeth aligned if she did debut. 

Netizens were shocked by the dramatic difference and make comments such as, “Now I see that having attractive teeth can make all the difference” and “She looks as though she got a face-lift!”