SBS K-Pop Star” is nearing its end. The TOP 3 contestants were reduced down to 3 for the live episode broadcast on April 15. Lee Seung Hoon was dropped while Baek Ayeon received the highest score of 290.

Baek Ayeon received training under JYP and they decided that she would sing Kim Bum Soo’s classic, “I’m Missing You.”

After Baek Ayeon’s performance, BoA stated, “It was so great. I like the K-Pop that Baek Ayeon sings more than when Park Ji Min or Lee Hai does. Your delivery of the lyrics was good and also your ability to get the pitch for high notes is improving in a surprising manner.”

YG stated, “You are a multiplayer that can do ballads or fast-tempo songs.” He joked that the only thing Baek Ayeon is missing is good teeth. JYP described Baek Ayeon’s recovery from lymphoma and stated that she has a “Strong Heart.”

Towards the end of the show, Lee Seung Hoon and Baek Ayeon did a rendition of “Ma Boy 2” by the Electro Boyz and Hyorin.

Here is the audio of Baek Ayeon’s “I’m Missing You”: