Baek Ji Young is picking herself up and is getting over her recent miscarriage. She is currently supporting her mentee, Yoo Sung Eun, according to News24.

Baek Ji Young

On July 15, she tweeted, “Please listen to Yoo Sung Eun’s song! It will be in the new album.” She also posted the link to the Youtube video. She added, “I apologize for making you worry,” expressing her gratitude for her fans’ concern regarding the miscarriage.

She married Jung Suk Won in June, and suffered a miscarriage a few weeks later. It has only been one month, but she seemed to be recovering from the loss with the support of her family and fans.

Netizens commented, “She is such a loyal mentor,” “I guess her relationship with ‘Voice Korea‘ is still going,” “Yoo Sung Eun must be really touched,” and “I hope she has a beautiful child soon.”  

Baek Ji Young was a coach for Yoo Sung Eun on Mnet’s “Voice Korea,” which ultimately led to Yoo Sung Eun’s debut as a singer. Baek Ji Young also served as the visual director for her mentee’s mini album.