Newly wed Baek Ji Young  has released a single titled, “This Kind of Woman.”

The singer’s agency, WS Entertainment, stated that the surprise release came because of the singer’s appearance in the music festival called” Strawberry X-treme Festival.” Officials also describe the song as a lyrically honest, vintage R&B tune.

Officials say “This Kind of Woman” is also a song that is dedicated to Baek Ji Young’s new husband Jung Suk Won. It is a sweet song of love. While fans are used to hearing a more longing tone in Baek Ji Young’s voice, this song features a more sweeter, lighter tone.

The song is also receiving more attention because Yoo Sung Eun, who is a mentee of Baek Ji Young from “Voice Korea,” will be singing the back up chorus.

“Strawberry X-Treme Festival” is a music concert that features various genres from rock, hip hop, and acoustic. “This Kind of Woman” was released June 7 and Baek Ji Young will be going on stage with this song June 14 at the “Strawberry X-Treme Festival.”

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