A recent picture of singer Baek Ji Young has been released.

On July 24, singer Yoo Sung Eun uploaded several pictures on her Twitter along with the message, “Senior Baek Ji Young participated in Yoo Sung Eun’s first debut album ‘Be OK’ as the visual director and it’s heartwarming.”

The pictures show Baek Ji Young dressed casually without makeup and is hard at work concentrating on the visual aspect of the album. She’s carefully looking over each detail to make sure nothing has been glossed over.

They hold a special connection as Yoo Sung Eun was one of Baek Ji Young’s mentees for Mnet’s “Voice Korea.” Many netizens are showing their approval of Baek Ji Young’s involvement with the rookie’s album making as there were no obligations to mentor after the program ended.

You can check out her “Be OK” music video here.

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