Recently, solo singer Baek Ji Young won another lawsuit against a plastic surgeon. The Seoul Central District Court ordered this surgeon in question to “pay 4 million won (approximately 3,600 USD) to Baek Ji Young.”

From 2010 to 2012, this plastic surgeon used four photos of Baek Ji Young in bikini wear to promote liposuction procedure on the clinic’s online blog. The photos were taken without permission from Baek Ji Young’s online shopping mall website.

Regarding the singer’s lawsuit, the court decided to award Baek Ji Young one tenth of her original claim, which was 40 million won (approximately 36,000 USD).

Netizens that heard this news commented, “That doctor definitely was wrong to use those pictures,” “Obvious outcome,” and “Baek Ji Young fighting.”

Meanwhile, Baek Ji Young is recovering from her tragic miscarriage.