Actress Baek Jin Hee is looking innocent yet sexy in her shoot for The Celebrity Magazine.

Several recently released photos from the shoot show the actress posing in the sun-drenched St. Regis Resort in Bali. In one of the photos, viewers catch a glimpse of Baek Jin Hee in a playful mini dress as she turns around to face the camera, showing off her unique beauty and charm. The image captures well both her femininity as well as her pride.


In an interview for the magazine, Baek Jin Hee discusses the amazing time she had completing the shoot, saying, “I used to have a lot of time to myself, reading books at home. But these days, I like to meet with people and have a good time laughing and talking. I had a great time in Bali. The staff even threw a surprise party for my 26th birthday. I made memories that I’ll never forget.”

Fans will be able to find the full shoot and interview in The Celebrity’s March issue as well as on its official web page.