Musical actress Baek Min Jung‘s latest tantrum online has rubbed many netizens the wrong way, leaving them feeling mostly upset and disappointed. 

On July 21, Baek Min Jung unwittingly ranted on her Facebook page, “Awww..I don’t like autograph sessions, I don’t like autograph sessions! After performing I’m always tired but I have to smile and ask everyone, ‘Did you enjoy the show? What’s your name?’ My facial muscles are going to cramp! Augh, it’s such a bother.”

In the following photo shared with the post, Baek Min Jung and fellow actress Lim Hye Young make faces showing their reluctance about going into an autograph session after performing. For “liking” the post on Facebook, actress Lim Hye Young has also been facing the heat for the post. 

Netizens commented, “I’m disappointed that they would not value the fact that fans would try to come and meet them”, “That’s an actress who isn’t sincere at all about her work right there”, “How unprofessional. I regret clapping for her”, “How can an actress view her fans as a burden? I’m sure she’s being criticized behind her back. Even if her comments could be considered lightly in terms of a joke, it’s still crossing the line.”