Known for her popular contributions to drama soundtracks, ballad singer Lyn dropped her ninth full-length album “9x9th” today on September 9, marking her official return after a one-year hiatus.

This time around, the talented soloist has stepped outside of her comfort zone and received inspiration from various fascinating genres, including jazz, world music, and romani music. To bring in more fresh ideas for her rather experimental new album, she worked together with the respected producing team VIP, which consists of vocal duo Vibe‘s Ryu Jae Hyun and Yoon Min Soo.

Lyn’s title track “Love Moves On” is a melancholic, low-tempo track with a waltz-style rhythm. The lyrics talk about love fading away after a period of intense affection, describing the pain of falling in and out of love.

While the music video for “Love Moves On” mainly features an interview with the artist herself and only short clips of the song, Lyn’s ninth album including is now available on major online music stores.