On August 11th, rapper Bang Yong Gook released the teaser for “I Remember” on his label’s TS Entertainment YouTube channel. The release was announced through Bang Yong Gook’s Twitter (@realjepp) .

The teaser showed an abandoned piano riddled with bullet holes. Bang Yong Gook is seen with red hair, holding a pistol with police cars in the alley.

The single also features Yo Seob from BEAST and was co-composed by Bang Yong Gook and One Way‘s Chance. Fans are looking forward to see both of them performing this song together.

Bang Yong Gook was the underground rapper that was featured in Secret Song Ji Eun‘s single, “Going Crazy”.  He gained public attention with his charismatic rap and was rumored to be in a boy group in his label.

Source : TS Entertainment YouTube + @realjepp