Rookie boy group B.A.P graced the pages of fashion magazine ELLE GIRL.

On March 20, the pictorial of ELLE GIRL magazine featuring B.A.P was revealed.

For the purpose of the photo shoot, the members underwent a transformation from charismatic “warriors” to adorable yet chic and elegant British princes. It’s the first time that B.A.P shed their powerful warrior image since their debut.

The blond sextet dressed up for the occasion. In the main picture, the members exude their masculine charms through various poses, gazes and looks.

The editor of ELLE Girl revealed his thoughts on B.A.P, saying, “It’s only been about a month or so since they debuted and they already gave off the attitude of professionals during the shooting and really surprised the staff. They didn’t seem like amateurs, they posed like real pros.”

Meanwhile, B.A.P which has been named the “Rookie of The Year” are scheduled to comeback in April. The complete pictorial will be out in April.

Check out the pictures below and tell us if you like the look.