On January 28, Baro participated in an interview to share his thoughts on starting a new chapter in his life after transferring to a new agency. The idol-turned-actor begun, “Even though I did some acting while promoting as an idol, I feel similar to when I had just begun my idol career. [Because] it was also a new challenge for me to begin training to become an idol.”

He continued, “While I’m still very young, I want to challenge myself as much as I can because life is short. I want to try everything that I want whether I fail or succeed. Before our contracts expired, I talked about many things with my members. I wanted to focus on acting and really give it a try. I’ve always had much ambition for acting, and there were things I was curious about. I also wanted to discover a new side of me.”

Baro said while he had worries, he has no regret. He continued, “Because this is a path that I’ve chosen myself, I have no regret. I want to do my best and go as far as I can.”

Baro also drew the line and said he has not actually left B1A4. He also discussed a possibility of all five members reuniting on stage. Baro said, “While we don’t have specific plans, we’ve talked about it. I believe that we will reunite on stage if an opportunity presents itself. I am just beginning a new start, so I want to focus more on acting for now to impress you. But we are aware that fans are waiting, and we would like to release an album. I have not departed from the group.”

Baro, who turned 28 years old (by Korean reckoning), will be enlisting in the military next year. As a result, he said he wants to meet with viewers through great dramas and characters before he enlists. Baro said, “If there is a drama and a character that is suitable for me, I want to take it. I want to continue to work until I have to leave [for military]. I do not know what my future holds, but I want to put my best effort into things that I can.”

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