Two hallyu stars, who both have many fans all around the world, will compete against each other on the small screen. The two stars are Lee Min Ho and Lee Jun Ki. Coincidentally, the two will both be making a comeback in a historical drama.

Lee Jun Ki will be the one to comeback first. After completing his military service, Lee Jun Ki is returning to the small screen after four years, through the MBC drama, “Arang and the Magistrate,” which is coming out near the end of July. He will be playing the role of the magistrate, Eun Oh.

“Arang and the Magistrate” is a fusion historical drama about the story of a government official, who tries to help relieve the grudge over the unfair death of a young woman. In the drama, Eun Oh has an ability to see ghosts, which he had since he was young. Thanks to that ability, he is always troubled by the ghosts, until, he meets the young woman ghost, Arang, who is played by actress Shin Min Ah. Eun Oh eventually falls in love with Arang. With his character possessing both intelligence and strength, Lee Jun Ki is planning to capture the viewers with his fighting skills.

Lee Jun Ki gained much success in past historical movies and dramas, like “The King and the Clown” and “Iljimae,” so there is much anticipation for this new drama. When he recently met with the production team for the first time, he revealed, “My body is already tickling with excitement. I will give it my all to play the role of Eun Oh.”

After a week or two of Lee Jun Ki’s comeback, Lee Min Ho will be making his return. He will be playing the role of General Choi Young, who leads the troops of King Gong Min, in the SBS drama, “Faith,” which will air in the beginning of August.

“Faith” is a fusion historical drama about a Koryo soldier and a present day female doctor coming together to create a king that can cure his people. The drama is already garnering a lot of interest because since debuting, this is Lee Min Ho’s first time acting in a historical drama. Also, it is a new drama done by PD Kim Jong Hak and writer Song Ji Na, who did the dramas, “Sandglass” and “The Legend,” in the past.

Lee Min Ho is also planning on getting the viewers’ attention by showing more upgraded action in the drama. In order to do that, he is currently learning horseback riding, archery, and sword fighting.

A representative of Lee Min Ho’s agency, Starhaus Entertainment, said, “Being his first historical drama, we did worry a lot. However, with a desire for a new challenge and a change in acting, we have high hopes for him.”