The producing director (PD) of the show “Battle Trip” wants to invite EXO to travel for the show!

“Battle Trip” features celebrities going traveling together as part of a competition, with the stars designing their own itineraries.

At a recent press conference, PD Son Ji Won shared that she’d like to have EXO on the show. Although the travel show has previously featured celebrities going on a trip to Dubai, she said that she’d like to film EXO traveling there.

“Recently, EXO’s ‘Power’ was selected to play at the water fountain show in Dubai,” she explained. “I saw a short video of the EXO members while they were visiting Dubai. I was curious to know what they would say while watching the water fountain show while visiting.” She added that EXO hasn’t been on the show yet, and said she wonders what it would be like if they appeared on it.

EXO’s “Power” became the first K-pop song to be played at the famous Dubai Fountain show in January, and the guys traveled there to see its premiere in person.

Would you like to see EXO appear on “Battle Trip”?

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