On July 19th, Cube Entertainment revealed BEAST, 4minute, and G.NA have worked together for a song titled “Fly So High”. This song will be released on the 20th under the title of U-Cube (United Cube).

Cube Entertainment stated, “U-Cube’s first single ‘Fly So High’ contains the positive energy of 4minute, BEAST, and G.NA.” “This song is Cube Entertainment artists’ first family song, the song itself has a true message and the singers have joined in on creating the song with much effort.

They also stated, “The three teams are on the move, ‘Fly So High’ which contains 12 voices and has a hopeful tone, will be the theme song for the ‘United Cube Concert’ which will be held on August 14th. For this concert, all the artists will perform together on the first stage.

Recently, episode 3 of their video series “United Cube Concert” was released. It shows a behind the scences photoshoot with BEAST, 4minute and G.NA.

Source: Star News