BEAST recently commented on the powerful wave of K-Pop known as Hallyu that has struck international shores and seems to have crossed barriers that would not have been possible for any language other than music.

On December 26, the members of BEAST gathered at the Lotte Hotel in Seoul for a CUBE Entertainment conference in which they remarked, “K-Pop as a genre is as dynamic as each groups’ members and because of each singers’ efforts, the powerful music scene Hallyu is possible.” They further commented that unlike any other country, Korea’s unique K-Pop scene contains innumerable groups that make the culture so colorful and unique.

4Minute was at the conference as well, who stated that “K-Pop for us is getting onto that stage and seeing our fans wear the same outfits as us. Not only with what we wear, but following our trends in hair and make-up make us think that many people have learned to appreciate our music for what it is.”

The two groups, who are both part of Cube, are set to go on a “United Cube” campaign along with various other artists of the same label to the far-reaching corners of the world, such as London, Brazil, Tokyo, Sao Paulo, and many more destinations. What makes this tour special is the fact that Cube Entertainment will be the first label to send its artists to South America, a location in which Korean artists have never ventured in to.

BEAST, who is preparing for a 14-country world tour next year ended the conference with their closing remark: “The fact that we are not only popular in Korea but the rest of the world is something we are very proud of and is proof that the Hallyu wave is going strong.”