On August 8, BEAST held their second official fan meeting in Japan’s Saitama Super Arena where over 24,000 fans were present.

As BEAST is sweeping music charts and winning the #1 spot in music programs for “It’s A Beautiful Night” in Korea, they left to Japan to fulfill their promise made to their Japanese fans long ago. The fan meeting was held like a concert. BEAST performed various songs such as “Shock,” which ranked up to #2 in the Oricon Weekly charts, “Breath,” “Bad Girl” and more.

Japanese fans shared why they love BEAST by saying, “Their vocals are explosive as well as detailed,” “They have powerful stage manners,” and more. A “talk time” was also held for the BEAST members to share their honest stories. Several other programs were prepared such as having a sports competition between BEAST and their fans.

The BEAST members also drew pictures with the theme of “What I Am Focused On The Most These Days” and shared the stories behind their drawings. Yoon Doo Joon‘s drawing of soccer was raffled and gifted to lucky fans.

Congratulations to BEAST on yet another successful Japanese fan meeting!