On July 1st, BEAST met the media for a press conference for The First Beast Fan Meeting Asia Tour On Stage Malaysia. They all arrived in Malaysia in the morning and were well rested before the press conference.

This event was presented by MBI International, joint organizer by FlyerVision Entertainment & Star Planet. The hall was fully packed that usual with Korean and local medias. The MC for the day was Mr. Owen Yap from 8TV.

110701 Press Conference
It started with Owen’s announcement of BEAST’s arrival to the hall. After that, the media was allowed to take photos for the first 10 minutes. Doo Joon started with a greeting in Malay, “Apa Khabar? “(How are you?).

The MC then started the Q&A session. All the questions were asked by the MC.

The first question was, What would they want to be if they are not a singer? Doo Joon said he wants to be a footballer player. Hyun Seung said he wanted to be a singer since middle school and same goes to Ki Gwang and Yosoeb. For Dong Woon, he didn’t really care since he said he his doing well with his study but later changed his mind to be a singer when he was in middle school. Jun Hyung said he has always loved music and also likes to rap. So he really wants to be a singer and nowadays he even like to compose songs.

110701 Press Conference

Another question was about how they feel to be in Malaysia again for a third time. They like it and felt very familiar with Malaysia. The last question was about how Doo Joon feels to celebrate his birthday again in Malaysia for the second year in a row and what present he expected. He replied that he did not expect any present, but to be able to do the Asia Tour would be the best gift for him.

Since Malaysia is their first stop for Asia Tour, they want to show to the fans their best and have a good time with them.

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Photos by kuehkoci