BEAST’s Lee Ki Gwang will play a cameo role as Yoon Doo Joon’s friend on the August 19th episode of MBC sitcom “All My Love.” In the upcoming episode, Lee Ki Gwang plays the role of his real-name character “Ki Gwang” who falls in love at first sight with Saet Byul (Yoon Seung Ah’s role) in front of Mong Ddang Restaurant.

On the show, Lee Ki Gwang appears as a top college graduate who’s good at everything from academics to sports and even dancing. His multi-talented personality earns him the nickname, “The Lee Ki Gwang that wins whatever he does,” and wins the love of both Na Young (played by Kim Na Young) and Han Young (played by Han Young). But Lee Ki Gwang instead deeply falls in love with Saet Byul and asks her out for a date, causing Doo Joon to feel jealous of the two…

Find out how they settle their differences on Friday’s episode of “All My Love”!