BEAST continues to show their power as their popularity expands throughout the world, this time they have begun to take over Europe.

It has been nearly a month since the official promotions for their recent Korean single, “Fiction” had wrapped up. They were able to make it onto the well-known Viva, a German music channel, Top 100 Chart, ranking in at number 63.  It is a great achievement for them as BEAST is the first Korean artist ever to enter Viva’s Top 100 Chart, having earned a spot without ever promoting in Europe. 

This accomplishment is just one of many for the group lately.  Since the release of their popular single “Fiction”, they went to the top of various online and offline charts and even went on to win multiple mutizens. Lately the group has been working on their first full Japanese language album release along with their upcoming Japanese promotions for said album.

Congratulations to BEAST for their latest impressive feat.

Source: Nate
Translation: [email protected]