On August 3rd in a conference placed in Seoul Joonggu Korea Press Center, the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), announced that BEAST has become their official endorsement models for 2011 MUSILYMPIC, the ONE.

The members expressed, “We are really honored to become the endorsement models for an environmental campaign” and added, “With that pride, we will work even harder.” 

Also, Yang Yoseob said: “We will practice hard and prepare for the MUSILYMPIC, the ONE concert coming up on September 30th as well.”

BEAST members also took the time to sign the official endorsing t-shirts for MUSILYMPIC, the ONE, which added more importance to conference. In the t-shirt, there’s displayed an image of shouting for help to save the polar bears, which have confronted a huge disturbance due to the environmental changes.