Boy group BEAST revealed the jacket cover image for their upcoming song, “Shadow.”

The picture was revealed through Cube Entertainment‘s various social networking sites, including its official Twitter account. Along with the picture was the caption, “BEAST’s second album’s main track ‘Shadow’ jacket cover.” Unlike the more youthful and energetic themes BEAST has gone with in the past, the cover jacket promises a more mature and masculine image. In the picture all the members are looking down at the ground with serious expressions. 

“Shadow” will be the main track of their second album, “Hard to Love, How to Love.” The song is said to be a dance song about how life can be like a shadow in a world without love.

Most notably about this album is that all the members participated in the production of this album. 

“Hard to Love, How to Love” and the music video for “Shadow” will be released on July 19.