On August 24th, BEAST will head towards the Haneda airport once more, in order to attend the “United Cube in Japan” promotions that will be held on August 25th.

Cube Entertainment stated, “This time around we have brought all of the necessary visas and documents, we will have no problem going through the immigration inspection. BEAST will successfully finish the concert and return to Korea with 4minute on August 26th.”

The reason BEAST’s entering the Haneda airport is gaining attention is because they couldn’t go through the immigration inspection because of visa problems on August 16th. They were holed up for 8 hours.

Cube Entertainment stated, “When you have a concert in Japan you need to have a ‘Concert Visa,’ however, we received false information from FET (the ones taking care of the event), this promotion is not a concert and is a press conference. Before FET had to provide us with a visa.” The FET had an official apology for BEAST fans on its website.

On August 20th, BEAST successfully finished a concert in Niigata. On that day they appeared at MBC’s “K-Pop All Star Live in Niigata” alongside SNSD, Kara, 2PM, 2AM, CN Blue, Secret, and SISTAR