BEAST’s Yoon Doo Joon and 4minute’s HyunA got hot and steamy in their latest photo shoot for shoe retailer, Shoemarker.

In the recently released photos, Doo Joon and HyunA create an intimate scene, with Doo Joon putting his arms around the sexy diva, giving off a mesmerizing look. The two look hot and sexy, and fans have already dubbed them the next “Troublemaker” in the making. In particular, fans took note of the sneakers Doo Joon is wearing as they’re reported to be partially designed by Doo Joon himself.

“At the beginning, Doo Joon and HyunA looked awkward together, and kept laughing for the spread. But as we took some more shots, their professionalism came out and we were able to take high quality photos,” an official was quoted as saying.

Meanwhile, BEAST collaborated with Swedish designer Jim Rickey in May and released the “BEAST X Jim Rickey” shoe line exclusively available at Shoemarker. Each BEAST member is reported to have gave their ideas in coming up with the design and color of the shoes.

Netizens commented, “HyunA looks better with Doo Joon,” “OMG, it looks like they’re in a real relationship,” and “Did HyunA get her nose done?”