BEAST’s Lee Ki Kwang celebrated his 22nd birthday in style on March 30. He first tweeted a photo of himself with the message, “I feel real~good from the morning^-^So here’s a new selca!! We’ll have a safe trip. Thank you everyone~.~! Smile~~~bbyong!!”

In the photo, Ki Kwang does his best Bruno Mars impersonation, wearing black shades and a fedora hat. In fact, he went on to express his love for Bruno Mars in his next tweet a few hours later, as he wrote, “On a day like this, try to be happy listening to Bruno Mars – Marry You^-^!! You will all feel better!! Happy happy smile~~~!!”

Netizens commented, “We love you Ki Kwang,” “I can marry you, Ki Kwang,” and “You’re cuter than Bruno Mars!”

Happy birthday Ki Kwang!