On yesterday’s episode of MBC’s “Golden Fishery – Radio Star,” BEAST’s Lee Ki Kwang described his ideal girl, only he ended up describing 4minute’s HyunA. During the episode, Ki Kwang shared his thoughts about the dating rumors between himself and labelmate HyunA.  He stated, “I saw the rumors online, and we were both distressed about the situation.” MC Kim Gura then asked about his ideal type. Ki Kwang answered, “Someone whose smile is pretty” to which MC Kim Heechul of Super Junior stated, “HyunA’s smile is very pretty!”

Ki Kwang went on, “She should have big eyes,” and the MCs automatically responded, “HyunA has huge eyes!” and “Her eyes are like this big [makes hand gestures]!” Lastly Ki Kwang added, “She should also be kind.” Heechul replied, “HyunA is very kind!” MC Yoon Jong Shin added, “Her nickname is virtue HyunA.” Towards the end, Kim Gura stated, “You guys are just too much,” causing everyone to burst into laughter.