Group BEAST’s maknae (youngest) Son Dongwoon’s manly selca is attracting a lot of attention.

On his Twitter on October 23, Son Dongwoon uploaded a picture along with a message, “I’m fine. And you?”

In the picture is Dongwoon looking adorable with a teddy bear hat. In addition to looking cute, his well-sculpted face and charismatic gaze show off his masculine side.

After seeing this picture, Netizens praised, “He is a God,” “The hat looks too cute,” “Maknae looks cute and charismatic.” The surprising fact was that the replies to this picture were not only from the Korean fans, but also his international fans.

Meanwhile, Song Dongwoon’s group BEAST has been enduring busy schedule with its Japan Tour under the title of “BEAST ZEPP TOUR 2012” since October 11.