It turns out that even some of the biggest stars can face unexpected problems.

On August 16, BEAST arrived in Japan to begin their Japanese promotional work but they ran into problems at customs, more specifically with their visas. They had to wait for eight hours, and even then there was no resolution. This is something you wouldn’t expect to be a problem for a famous K-Pop group that have had successful music sales in Japan. The result was that all Japanese activities were cancelled and they returned to Korea, with what I imagine was a lot of disappointment.

They had plans to promote their Japanese album, “So Beast” as well as attending the movie premiere for the movie Shanghai, in which their song “Fiction” is used.

A Cube representative has said, “Universal Music (B2ST’s Japanese label) is responsible for the distribution of B2ST’s music in Japan. We definitely corresponded with them about the schedule and visa matters. We were even informed in advance that there were no problems.”

“Regarding the standby situation at the airport, we are currently asking the Japanese label about the exact problem and trying to understand the details. From now on, we promise thorough preparations to prevent future problems in B2ST’s Japanese activities.”

Do you think that K-Pop groups should have this kind of problem?