A photo of BEAST’s Yoseob and A Pink’s Eunji was recently released, showing the two vocalists in the midst of a meeting that clued in on a collaboration. A Pink’s agency A Cube released the photo on its official Twitter account, with the caption “Yoseob and Eunji in the studio.”

Netizens have noted that the two seem to be working well together. Yoseob was caught looking at Eunji with a fond expression. The photos elicited reactions such as “A duet?! Wow,” “Are they working on a duet?” and “I want to see this.”

A Cube revealed the photo was taken at the “A CUBE FOR SEASON” meeting. “A CUBE FOR SEASON” is a project that serves up fun with different themes each season. The first project is the Yoseob and Eunji duet, to be released on White Day, March 14 on different digital music sites.

“This was taken at the end of February at the recording site,” A Cube said in a statement to local news agencies. “We prepared a track featuring the best main vocals of two of the best pop groups. The recordings went on until late, but there was joking and playing that the Cube family friendly atmosphere enjoys.”

Before the duet’s release, A Pink will be featured in the Hyundai Oil Bank K-League 2012 Incheon and Suwon game half-time show.