BEAST‘s Yoseob has a few words for some of his more intrusive fans.

On September 26, the idol addressed his sasaeng fans through a kind but firm Twitter post. This comes only a month after his previous public comment regarding sasaeng fans.

He wrote, “I’m traveling to Japan to see a UFC match. It’s a rather personal matter, right? Haha. It’s not easy for me to bring this up. Recently, someone hacked the calendar of our manager’s cellphone and got hold of our schedule. This person has been selling it, and I’ve heard people are paying big money to buy it… If you use such shady ways to see us during personal travels or private events, I will not be happy to see you, not happy at all. That’s just a part of what sasaeng fans do. I like my fans, but not sasaengs. A fandom is something truly beautiful and honorable, but only if done properly.”

Referring to the fans who knew about his Japan trip and came to see him at the airport, he added, “Those who came to see me today, I hope that I will meet you as fans in the future. Not sasaengs!” and ended the post with a more cheerful tone, “Go home safely and I will have fun on my personal trip. Bye!!”

Yoseob has since updated his personal Instagram with many photos from his trip, letting fans know that he is enjoying his time alone in Japan.

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