On the popular variety TV show “Hello,” the members of BEAST participated as guests and during the episode, Yang Yoseob shed tears of gratitude toward his fellow member, Lee Kikwang.

Yoseob started off by sharing his story about his past hardships before debuting. “There was a time when I almost gave up on becoming a singer. I did pass my audition but before I debuted, I was always dropped or things just didn’t work out. But through Kikwang, I got introduced to our current agency right now.”

Then Yoseob proceeded to hold Kikwang’s hand and said, “Kikwang, you know that I was once lost and wandering. But I want to thank you for allowing me to have such a great opportunity together with you. I hope our friendship never changes,” as he shed tears, which shocked Kikwang.

The flabbergasted Kikwang then said, “I didn’t know you’d end up this well either,” as he laughed and comforted Yoseob with a smile.