A beauty guru in China went viral for her demonstration of effective makeup. She shares that even if one does their makeup, it could not end up helping you look better at all.

She shares that most girls do not know that they are doing their makeup the wrong way, if they merely follow trends and instructions.

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However, with just a few changes, you can look totally different.

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Check out her tips for effective makeup.

1. Foundation and concealer

Simply patting on foundation using a beauty blender can end up making your face look flatter and your makeup cakey.

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You should dab it on using your fingertips first. The warmth from your fingertips will allow the foundation to thin out and blend better. Then you can use a beauty blender to lightly pat it out.

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She advises using a concealer brush to hide dark eye circles. Start with the darkest area then lightly pat it out. Use the same product to blend product into the sides of the nose as well.

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2. Contour

Do not simply contour the sides of your face like so. Although many people do this, it may not suit all face types.

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Instead, she points out that you should contour the places you want to hide. She has high cheekbones already, so rather than contouring below the cheekbone, she brushes the product over the sides of the cheekbones to make them less prominent.

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She then uses bronzer over her jawline.

3. Eyebrows

She advises against filling in the brows after drawing an outline. Straight brows also do not suit every single face shape, unfortunately.

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Instead, find a shape that suits you.

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Drawing some strokes in the front with an eyebrow pen, can add more texture to the look.

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4. Nose contour

Rather than drawing a straight line down the nose…

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… you should separate the nose contour into three steps. First, a light shade is used all over the sides of the nose using a larger fluffy brush. Then, a deeper shade for the nose bridge and finally the darkest shade can be used close to the brow. Use a highlighter to balance it.

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5. Eyeshadow

Many may think that applying eyeshadow in three shades of darkness starting from the inner corner will work out.

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The end result may not be as effective. Using too much shadow may also make your eyes look further apart. Using an obvious gradient may also make your eyes look less defined.

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She advises you to use one singular shade all over the lid first. Then, a darker shade can be applied to wherever you wish to emphasize. She puts a darker shade near the front of the eye to give it an eye-widening effect.

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Many forget about the eyelashes, but it makes a huge difference. You can also use an eyeliner pen to draw in lower lashes.

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6. Lips

She advises against using one color only to fill in the lips.

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Rather than following your lip lines to the T, she recommends using a light matte shade and blending it out using the fingertips.

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Go over with a darker shade.

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7. Blush

Last but not least, blush. Although applying it to the apples of your cheeks may suit some, it can make others look old-fashioned.

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She advises to use it on the outer cheekbones instead. Not only will it make your face look narrower, it will make the center of your face look brighter in comparison.

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How’s that for a makeup tutorial? Rather than following trends, it is always good to find something that suits you.