On July 18, Korea’s beloved beauty YouTuber Risabae shared two pictures on her Instagram account…

Risabae | @risabae_art/Instagram

… and they had everyone do a double take!

Risabae | @risabae_art/Instagram

In this uncanny BLACKPINK‘s Jennie make-up, Risabae re-created Jennie’s most iconic cat-eye look.

Risabae | @risabae_art/Instagram

Especially with the magenta background — familiar to K-Pop fans as being the wallpaper color of the standby rooms at Show! Music Core — Risabae looked exactly like the original which Jennie shared early July.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie | @jennierubyjane/Instagram

While the video is yet to shared on the channel, both Risabae and Jennie’s fans are already 200% fascinated by the work!

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