On August 30, Bebe Mignon, Mi and 4MEN released all three music videos for “The YWHO Project” through their Happyface Entertainment’s YouTube channel. This is for their summer project album. The three artists are under YWHO Enterprise, which is led by Vibe’s Yoo Min Soo.

The first single “DooBi DooBa” by the girl group Bebe Mignon was released on August 8. It was followed by the female singer Mi who released “Baby, I Love You” on August 16. The power vocal group 4Men released the last single “Love Tonight” featuring rapper BIGTONE on August 30.

The three music videos have a continuing storyline. It shows a couple happily spending time together in the summer. “DooBi DooBa” showed the cute and adorable side of Bebe Mignon, while in “Baby, I Love You” we can see Mi singing and playing the guitar in the café as the couple is seen trying to get know each other. It ends in “Love Tonight” with the couple spending time together in the home. We can see 4MEN show some cute dance moves in the music video. Dal Shabet also makes a cameo in the music video along with Bebe Mignon and Mi.

Bebe Mignon – Doobi Dooba 



Mi – Baby, I Love You



4MEN – Love Tonight