As more teens are having dreams of becoming idol singers in the entertainment world, early education has become essential. Last week’s SBS “Nightly TV Entertainment” had a special that focused on the early education that goes on in order to train idol stars.

After a survey it was found that singer trainees often make their career choices at the average of 11.67 years old then they have to begin preparing for their debut. The first step of becoming a star is becoming an agency trainee by passing the agency audition test.

A professional stated, “Getting into an agency is as difficult as entering Seoul National University. The bar has been raised higher. Now, even individuals who are good at singing have to receive singing training at academies. Otherwise, it is difficult to make it into an agency.”

It was found that 68.1% of all trainees have had training from academies. There are currently 3,000 different academies that prepare individuals for the agency auditions. These academies advertise their success rate of entering into an agency.

One trainee revealed that smaller agencies do not have many applicants, but larger agencies have a lot of applications due to their power and ability to actually debut trainees.

Currently, Cube Entertainment, which has BEAST and 4minute signed on, receives 600 applications a week on average through e-mail. Also, during vacations they receive more than 1,000 applications through e-mail. However, during the two years they held auditions, only two individuals were picked up as trainees.

A professional stated, “Skills to become a singer are subjective. It is difficult to succeed without the willpower.” Boa’s mother stated, “I believe it is important that you are checked by professionals before you actually set out for an audition.”