It was recently reported that MC Mong had been under investigation for evading military enlistment for seven years, which was then confirmed by the Seoul Metropolitan Police on the 11th. Following the events placing MC Mong in the spotlight, he is already starting to feel the heat with some strong backlash by netizens.


A number of comments by netizens posted on message boards and various online portals were summarized by TV Daily, including “I turned on the TV Sunday morning and saw MC Mong’s face. It left me feeling bad,” and “Why do we have to see his face on such a nice day?”


Further comments made included “Are they trying to raise the viewer ratings for the show using this controversy? They should have edited MC Mong’s parts out,” and some were as blunt as “Either MC Mong needs to leave the show or the show needs to be cut completely”.


Further comments were made both within and outside of the show’s official message boards indicating a wide cross-section of disgust. It was also reported that at around 12:00pm KST the “Haha Mong” home page crashed due to the mass influx of visitors. Whether or not these were haters is unknown; it seems more likely that it was just the publicity surrounding the situation causing the surge in traffic.


As a personal note I feel quite bad for MC Mong – I feel the consequences dealt by the authorities should be enough. But, realistically, the reports should be taken lightly at this stage as I am sure there are a number of supporters along with the haters.



Source: TV Daily