Ga In, from girl group Brown Eyed Girls, reveals her pole dancing skills from her “Bloom” music video.

On October 12, Loen Entertainment uploaded a video of “Ga In giving pole dance lessons Part 1” through their official youtube channel.

The video shows Ga In skillfully executing different pole dancing moves like “airwalk” and “spin” surprising the viewers with her upper body strength since she’s a petite girl. She emphasizes her legs by wearing short shorts and heels. Rather than being serious, she seemed to have fun teaching the people around her.

Netizens who were able to see the video praised, “Ga In’s pole dancing skills is awesome,” “I heard she took lessons for 6 months. She’s really cool,” “It’s beautiful to see her so hard working.”
Her company stated, “This video is revealed because of many fans giving hot interest to Ga In’s ‘Bloom’ music video. Part 2 will be uploaded on October 13. Please look forward to it as well.”

Soompiers, check out her skills below!