Brown Eyed GirlsGa In revealed a picture of herself with a popular webtoon “Fashion King” cartoonist KeeAn84 online. On March 19, Ga In commented on her mini-hompie along with the pciture, “KeeAn84, you drew me so beautifully that it touched me. But it’s too bad that my character is lacking eyeballs and some teeth. I’m so pretty right, everyone?”

In the revealed photo, Ga In and KeeAn84 are posing in front of a camera with their arms around each other. KeeAn84’s caricature of Ga In is also released along with the picture of the two. KeeAn84’s drawing of Ga In is somewhat frightening, but captures Ga In’s onstage charisma very well. In the caricature, Ga In is wearing a black and gold outfit with big, overpowering shoulder pads. This caricature is to be used for the teaser video of Ga In’s upcoming “Launch My Life” episode on cable channel onStyle. 

Netizens commented, “How did you two meet?” “That outfit is really eclectic, but it looks good on you,” “Wow, Fashionista,” “Ga In’s eyes got bigger!” “How did you get so pretty?” and “KeeAn84 drew you beautifully. He’s so considerate.”