Soompi’s behind the scenes photos of the taping of “Jay Park: After Dark” are below, but before the taping, we were lucky enough to sit down and get to know Jay. We learned some interesting facts that were not covered during the video interview! Here’s what we learned:

Q. His Wikipedia page states that he is a third-generation Korean American. True?

A. Jay’s parents immigrated to the US from Korea and he was born in the US. So, by most definitions, he is actually a second-generation Korean American. Jaywalkers, go fix that Wikipedia entry! (And while you’re at it, add one for Soompi! Thanks! ><)

Q. Some of his famous nicknames are “Pink Bunny” and “Pink Grandpa”… does he really love the color pink?

A. So, it all started when some fans noticed pictures of Jay wearing pink and saying he looked good in the color. Now he receives pink gifts from fans all around the world! Although he says pink is not his favorite color, he does wear many of the gifts because he is grateful for the generosity of his fans. He also says he is comfortable enough with his masculinity to rock the pink! ^^

Q. Celebs like fancy things, right? What about Jay?

A. Actually, Jay is a modest, down-to-earth guy! When talking about the awesome sports car Jay drove, he said he likes really functional, low-key cars that get you from Point A to Point B. Nice to know he is just like us normal folks! de09

Q. What kind of driver is Jay?

A. Jay actually took great care when he was driving the car. His driving skills were great! A lot of people have been asking what kind of car it was – actually, it was an electric car! Pretty cool, huh?

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Special edition pink shirt for the Pink Grandpa!

His Tattoo!

Signing some autographs!