On April 26, numerous actresses showcased various beautiful dresses as they walked down the red carpet at the “48th Baeksang Arts Awards.” However, not all actresses chose the perfect dress for herself. While some flaunted refined and sophisticated beauty, some took too much of risk and won the title of “Worst Dresser.”

Kim Ah Joong, who has been hosting the Baeksang Arts Awards for years now, was indeed the “Queen of Baeksang.” She entered with co-host comedian Lee Hwi Jae in a sophisticated long black dress, with just the right amount of midriff showing. She proved that a woman can look sexy without revealing too much skin. Natural hairdo and makeup added refined beauty to her dress. 

Kim Min Hee was another best dresser with her long white dress embroidered with lace. The one-shoulder design covered Kim Min Hee’s skinny, boyish figure and accentuated her long legs. She added accent to her white look with bright red lipstick. She also know exactly how to present herself. From the moment stepped onto the red carpet, she greeted cameras and excited fans with calm smile and great composure. 

Meanwhile, Kang So Ra tried something new with sexy leopard printed tube top dress. However, the result was rather disappointing. The extravagant print and bright blue color of the dress muted Kang So Ra’s beauty and character. The nude-tone makeup made her look dark rather than bringing out the natural beauty. None of Kang So Ra’s usual healthy, bright character showed through this dress. 

Hong Soo Ah was another unfortunate dresser at the Baeksang Arts Awards. While she is known for her healthy, shapely body, the floral empire dress hid all of her figure, making her figure look skinnier and more boyish. Considering that Hong Soo Ah always wowed the crowd at various award ceremonies with appropriately sexy dresses, this was a surprisingly disappointing choice she made. 

The “48th Baeksang Arts Awards” awarded 25 awards, 14 in TV category and 11 in Films. Lee Hwi Jae and Kim Ah Joong hosted the ceremony. SBS “Deep Rooted Tree” and film “Nameless Ganster: Rules of Time” each won Daesang in TV and Film categories.