Move over Flashback Friday and Freaky Friday, because Fake Love Friday is now the most important Friday of them all.

BTS’s long-awaited comeback is finally here, and between the release of their album “Love Yourself: Tear” and the epic new music video for “Fake Love,” ARMYs around the world are shook. Fake Love Friday hit us like:

And we will never be the same. To help you cope with the glorious perfection of “Love Yourself: Tear,” we bring you a compilation of some of the internet’s best reactions to this comeback. Let’s begin!

As soon as “Fake Love” dropped, ARMYs knew what they had to do:

And stream “Fake Love,” they did.

Some fans showed impressive dedication:

And others were tormented as their bias lists were wrecked.

People were positively shook.

Especially when they discovered that BigHit Entertainment did not use any CGI in making the “Fake Love” music video.

Yes, the Snickers, too.

A lot of fans had a lot of thoughts about Jungkook’s abs:

And, of course, ARMYs noticed some connections to previous MVs.

Because everything means something in a BTS music video, and fans are already hard at work deciphering how “Fake Love” relates to past storylines.

So far we have connections to V’s and Jungkook’s dance duet from “DNA”:

The art in Jimin’s short film from the “Wings” era:

And Suga’s and Jimin’s storylines from “I Need U”:

Bring on the fan theories!

Fans showed enthusiasm for the other tracks from “Love Yourself: Tear”

Because every song on this album is just as lit as “Fake Love.” This fan had some rather elegantly articulated thoughts on “The Truth Untold,” BTS’s second collaboration with Steve Aoki:

And ARMYs from around the world were thrilled that Bangtan masterfully pulled off a Latin vibe on “Airplane, Pt. 2.”

In fact, this whole album is extremely important. We should all take a page out of this ARMY’s book and treat it with the respect it deserves:

We all related to this meme

Suga actually keeping his cool in “Fake Love” vs. all of us pretending to keep our cool in the face of this life-changing, epic comeback.

Now that “Love Yourself: Tear” has dropped and BTS’s comeback is in full swing, we hope you’re ready for all the interviews, live performances, and general slayage to come!

How excited are you about BTS’s comeback? Which of these reactions made you laugh? Let us know in the comments!

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