Rapper, BewhY recently shared a screenshot of a DM he received from a hater who accused him of doing drugs.

| @bewhy.meshasoulja/Instagram

In the message, the hater explained the groundless reason why he believes Bewhy has done drugs before.

As a result of listening to the music of people who did drugs, who didn’t do drugs, and people who eventually gave in to drugs, I’ve come to the conclusion that you’ve done them. You have the kind image of a God believer, right? If you’re that confident, can I report you?

— Hater

| @bewhy.meshasoulja/Instagram


And BewhY’s concise answer says it all.

Okay, hahaha.

— BewhY

| @bewhy.meshasoulja/Instagram

At the time, the Korean portal sites were flooded with news about rappers and drugs, and when BewhY got dragged into it as well, he made his stance clear.

The only drugs I do are the ‘old Testaments’ and ‘new Testaments.’ I’ve never seen

— BewhY

| @bewhy.meshasoulja/Instagram


Just last week, BewhY announced that he’ll be getting married to his girlfriend of 8 years.


Congrats to the new couple, and keep telling those haters off, BewhY!