On September 29, over the Chuseok break in South Korea, Big Bang member Taeyang posted a series of photographs of himself, G-Dragon, and Sung Min hanging out at a pool in Singapore.

The first photograph shows besties Taeyang and G-Dragon grinning brightly for the camera.  The photo also gives fans a close look at G-Dragon’s new tattoo which is a “Dragon Ball Z” dragon ball with 9 stars.  Taeyang tweets: “Yey!!!!!!”

The second shows Taeyang, G-Dragon, and Sung Min posing for the camera.  Taeyang tweets: “Sung Min is posing coolly by himself.”

The third photograph shows Taeyang, G-Dragon, and Sung Min posing playfully for the camera.  Taeyang smiles cutely, G-Dragon smiles with a tinge of crazy, and Sung Min is posing coolly again.  Taeyang tweets: “Feels good!!!!!”     

Big Bang flew to Singapore for their “Big Bang Alive Galaxy Tour 2012” and performed on September 29 and September 29.  Big Bang will then making its way through Southeast Asia with concert dates in Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, the Philippines, and Malaysia.