This was one of the most difficult processes to undertake and why it took us almost two weeks to compile.  We had almost 200 entries which were all amazing.  We ended up having to break the enries into groups just to get a managable amount for you to vote for.

The finalists for the Big Bang CD Writing Contest will be announced shortly as well, sorry for the delay just takes a long time to get through all the entries.

So here are the finalists, originally we said there would be 10 finalists but could only get the number down to 16.  Voting will end the 17th at 1:00AM PDT.  Please vote for the best picture and do not take into account who the picture portrays.  

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Here are the original entries:
















The images shown above do not portray their original size.  All the images are considered content of the Soompi user, if you would like to use the image please contact me JVIK through the mail system and I will let you know who the owner of the image is after voting has finished.