Earlier today, the internet was abuzz with a post that listed what was originally official stage names of today’s most famous idols.

The post titled “Idols’ Original Stage Names” was shared on several online communities and explained what could have been DBSK, Wonder Girls, Super Junior, Big Bang, and other popular idol groups’ official stage names.

DBSK almost debuted as The Internal Organs, while the Wonder Girls’ original group name was L.C, short for Ladies Club. Sunye’s original stage name was Sunny, Sohee was IC, Ye Eun was Silver, ex-WG member HyunA was Mint and Sunmi was Berry.

Super Junior’s Leeteuk was almost named Kangsoo; Shindong, Udong; Kangin, Woongdam; and Kyuhyun was originally Kwihyun.

Big Bang almost debuted as Diamond, and T.O.P. could have been Mark; Daesung, Big Castle; Seungri, Sonic; and Taeyang could have been Tae Kwon.