On the “YG Family Special” of SBS “Strong Heart” broadcast on March 28, MC Lee Seung Gi talked about CEO YG’s current image on “SBS K-Pop Star.” YG is a judge that is always considerate and very careful with what he says.

Lee Seung Gi asked the question “Is YG a Real Angel?”

Daesung began by saying, “Recently, as he now appears on ‘SBS K-Pop Star,’ I think he is infatuated.”

Lee Seung Gi added, “He seems very nice.”

Daesung replied, “I’ve never seen that side of him before. I’ve only seen him like that on TV.”

G-Dragon added by saying, “We’ve never heard compliments directly. We’ve only heard them indirectly.”

Then G-Dragon did a funny impression of YG, when he gets into a song.

Lee Seung Gi asked if there was a time that gave the Big Bang members Goosebumps when YG commented as a judge on “SBS K-Pop Star.”

Seungri answered, “There were a lot of times. You know when there are young contestants. He is worried that they might get hurt, so he is very nice. He makes a fatherly smile and says, ‘Do you think I will say something good or something bad? I’m basically saying that you improved a lot. YG will not cast you.’”