Big Bang’s Daesung revealed that his sister was a source of strength for him while the “Car accident incident” was going on. (Click here to read more about Daesung’s car accident incident)

For the episode of “Strong Heart” to broadcast on April 3, Daesung stated “There is a girl I am very awkward with. That person is none other than my older sister. Although my mother and sister express their love for me, I am still awkward at expressing mine. There are some times I can’t read my sister’s text messages because they embarrass me.”

He continued, “Last year when I was going through hard times, my sister who is a soldier, used up a vacation day to spend time with me.”

Also during the recording of “Strong Heart” Daesung sent his sister a video message, saying that he loves her. 

The full episode will air at 11PM KST on April 3. Stay tuned for more updates!