Big Bang has come a long way since their debut and have come even further with their style. It has evolved from Hip Hop styles like we see with songs like “La La La”, to bright clothing in “Lollipop 2”, to the mature style they have adopted today. Not only has their music matured but so has their fashion sense. Long gone are the bandanas and corn rows, and now the fangirls (and boys) are blessed with a Big Bang who look so sharply dressed it’s not hard to stare!

Below are some stunning pictures from a photoshoot with Dazed and Confused and they look amazing. They have adopted a very serious yet pensive concept, which is strangely apt for the sombre mood surrounding the group as of late. Still, they look sharper than ever, even maknae Seungri looks very mature, and GD’s hair, well, you have to see this to believe it!


Source: Dazed and Confused