Big Bang has been actively promoting outdoor company North Face, with member TOP listed as one of the faces of the brand. On July 24th, the day after the YGEX conference, the group, (minus Daesung) was spotted at Incheon Airport wearing North Face clothing. The reason for this was their trip to New Zealand to endorse the company as a group, with Taeyang especially excited as shown through pictures he sent to his Twitter.

Seungri today uploaded a video to his me2day which gives us a phenomenal look into what they are doing there, as the video is Big Bang on a mountain! He also wrote a message with the video.

SEUNGRI: “BIGBANG in New Zealand for North Face advertisement shooting – we need red beans and syrup as if making a huge shaved ice. Thank you North Face for giving us such a wonderful memory.”

Translated by: [email protected]

Making shaved ice you ask? Well, watch the video, watch what TOP does, and you will understand.



Helicopter Picture via Big Bang Indonesia